Not to forget: Folded Dreams – the Beginning, by Pearl Kirkby!!

Giveaway Ends on October 20, 2016. Enter now!
Giveaway Ends on October 20, 2016. Enter now!

“I will not forget.”

Like a cool, soothing mist, the veil of forgetfulness descended…

Something seemed to be missing from those dark brown eyes now, and only brand new innocence remained on her face.

Innocence, and a smile.

When we reminisce, we think we’re remembering our past. But if time is relative, rather than fixed, what exactly are we thinking back on…The past, or the future? Maybe some time in between?

Memories from birth, to a death by flaming inferno and the uncomfortable gifts of seeing, which plague her throughout life – all of these things are seen through the eyes of Relativity, when Time and Space seem confused.

Folded Dreams – the Beginning is a short story that is destined to become Folded Dreams – The Novel.

Or was it the other way around?

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