“M Press of Ire” (aka: Empress of Ireland) by Roger Moore

Empress of Ireland by Roger Moore is now on Amazon - click!
Empress of Ireland by Roger Moore is now on Amazon – click!


The Blurb (truncated):

“The Empress of Ireland collided with a Norwegian collier whose bows had been strengthened for ice-breaking about six miles offshore from Ste. Luce in the early hours of the morning of the 29th of May, 1914. Approximately 15 minutes lapsed between the moment of impact (1:55 am) and the moment the ship caught fire and sank (2:10 am). Although the disaster has received little international attention, more passengers were lost in this incident (840) then in the sinking of the Titanic (832) or the Lusitania (791).

The words of the Empress of Ireland are not my words. They could never be my words……”

M Press of Ire (original chap book) by Roger Moore
M Press of Ire (original chap book) by Roger Moore

The longer I live, the more disappointed I am with learning institutions and school systems around the country…nay! The world!

“The Empress of Ireland”

Once upon a time, this name rang only a vague bell. Then one day, according to the author:  “I first heard voices in the cries of the sea birds on the beach at Ste. Luce-sur-Mer.

Borne on the wind, over the sigh of the waves, they seemed high-pitched, like the voices of children, or of men and women in distress. These were lost voices, the cries of people alone and frightened by the dark. I hear them calling to me.”

That call resulted in this book of heart-rending poetry, relating the nearly unknown tale, to all who would hear.

With the unfolding of each poem, we are taken deeper and deeper into the minds of the survivors of that fateful night – and those who watched, waited and assisted the survivors as they were washed ashore. Each in turn add their voices to the tragedy,  and, each in turn, will have their way with your heart.

I would encourage anyone who reads M Press of Ire, or it’s publicly available counterpart, Empress of Ireland, to Google the story and delve into its history. Alternatively, there are some excellent books about the history of the sinking of The Empress of Ireland that will take the reading of Roger Moore’s book to an even higher understanding.

A heartfelt “Thank you” to Roger for sharing his work with me and introducing me to the story of the Empress of Ireland. I wish schools would give it as much attention.



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