“All About Angels” by Roger Moore – Poet

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All About Angels by Roger Moore

All About Angels was written in memory of, and dedicated to, Roger Moore’s wife’s aunt. This book is a celebration of life and an exercise in remembering those who have completed their journey and gone on, leaving us behind. But more than poems about the loss of our human loved ones, Mr. Moore’s verse cries out the end of the cycle of life for wild things, and even describes the heart-wrenching beauty which can be found in the death throes of the seasons .

I read this book for well over a week – not because it was difficult, but because the poetry was sublime…sometimes sad, sometimes disturbing…mostly bittersweet…always emotional.

Here’s a ‘for instance’:

“September Angel” by Roger Moore

one leaf

turning on the tree

spells the end of summer

though warm days linger


a hummingbird


by a burnt brown sunflower


late last night

there was a buzz of bees

around the flowers

and a halo of sound


the bees’ balm


rivers of flowers

running dry now

and dusty

in their beds

* * *

Grief, it is said, exists for the living, but I would add that, as is offered in Ecclesiastes (“…to everything there is a season…”): in grief, there abides profound peace in memories. “All About Angels” reminds of this. Thank you, Roger.


5 thoughts on ““All About Angels” by Roger Moore – Poet

  1. Thank you so much for reviewing this, Pearl. I do appreciate your words and am so pleased that the poetry found favor. All About Angels is one of my own favorite books. It contains several seasonal treasures, as you well know. Thank you for doing this.

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