“Dot Matrix” – a short story by Jack Binding: Free Book Promo on Amazon!

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23 pgs

October 5, 2016


Average Rating:  4.5 *


The Blurb:

London’s Square Mile. A cesspit of contempt and adultery into which Larry Hawthorne is sinking to the very bottom. But, one late night, underneath the artificial glow of his office space’s strip lights, a solution stutters to life . . .

Have you ever been stuck in a dead-end job, where not only are you consistently passed over for promotions, but it seems to be your lot to be the whipping boy for everybody who is over you?

Daydream about revenge much?

Typical office politics, atypical solution-from a Dot Matrix printer! Karma’s a b**** – “Kill them! Kill them all!!” Freaky little book – and somehow, hilarious! Recommend👍!

And I thought my book was short! Well, I can only say that what this teeny tiny tome lacks in length, it more than makes up for in  writing, storyline and character development. Really. And in only 23 pages!

A little bit of horror, a little science fiction and a lotta murder. Sorta. 🙂

This is Jack Bindings first short story. Get it. Got it? Good!

(A similar version of this review can also be found on Goodreads and Amazon)


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