“Wrath” & “Tredan’s Bane”, by Lita Burke – a double review

Wrath, by Lita Burke, is free on Kindle right now...click here to get it from Amazon!
Wrath, by Lita Burke, is free on Kindle right now…click here to get it from Amazon!
ebook: 17 pages
Published December 13th 2011

Wrath is the very, very short prequel to Tredan’s Bane, by Lita Burke. Similar to a prologue, but much more involved, it introduces the reader to Ms. Burke’s fantasy world of Sye in much the same way that a pilot episode does for a soon-to-be wildly popular television series.

Wrath familiarizes the reader with a brand new concept of magic, wherein the “essence” of magic is transferred, replenished or used via an Enchanter’s Kiss, each of which, depending on the Enchanter who imparts it, has a different, seductive flavour!

Do not go into even this little book with preconceived notions of what to expect in the land of Sye…it is a world unlike any I’ve ever read before. For this reason, I would suggest that a visit to Ms. Burke’s website is in order, preferably before starting this first book, but certainly before you go on to Tredan’s Bane (review below).

A wonderful read!


Don't forget to get your copy of the sequel to 'Wrath', "Tredan's Bane", here on Amazon!
Don’t forget to get your copy of “Tredan’s Bane” (sequel to ‘Wrath’), by Lita Burke, here on Amazon! Click!
Kindle Edition: 549 pages
Published March 25th 2012

Magic, enchantments, dragons…all fantasy books have any or all of these, but the land of Sye, also gives us dragonettes, Maji’kers, and Enchanters, with their seductively flavoured kisses, which impart to the recipient the essence needed for the particular magic practiced in this book.

Our story continues from the prequel, Wrath (above review), with Lanith searching for her missing husband, Tredan, who disappeared during an attack at their magical curio shop. Ghosts and Enchanters (one in particular!) guide and aid her in her search, along with her and Tredan’s little dragonette, whose loyalty goes beyond the norm.

Lanith searches through the worlds of the living and the dead for Tredan, in a race to find him before the ‘Chuch Magicians’, enemy of the Enchanters (think “Inquisition”, sort of), either stop her, kill her or destroy his ghost, and in the process, finds rest in a love which fills the void left by her husband’s passing.

Tredan’s Bane tale is a beautifully crafted tale, although initially it was difficult to get into. This is in NO way due to any shortcomings of the book, but rather the fact that I had those heretofore mentioned ‘preconceived notions’!

This world of fantasy and magic is such a complete removal from any other…at least in my experience; it is imperative that, to savour every tittle and morsel of the world of Sye, the reader must forget all s/he has ever ‘learned’ about other worlds before venturing into this one!

My suggestion would be that, before entering through the gates of Sye, the reader first visit what was once called the ‘Welcome Center which Ms. Burke created on her website, which explains their culture…and their unique magic!

But even if you wait until your journey to Sye is over (which should take awhile, since this book doesn’t signify the end of the journey!), Ms. Burke’s site is still worth a visit.


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