Give It Back, by Danielle Esplin

Click here to get your copy of Give It Back, by Danielle Esplin!
Click here to get your copy of Give It Back, by Danielle Esplin!

302 pages


Published:  March 30, 2016

ISBN-10: 0692590447

ISBN-13: 978-0692590447

The Blurb:

This novel follows three characters: Lorraine, Lexy, and Ella.


Not long ago, Lorraine lost her husband to another woman. She thought that was the worst thing that could happen to her, but soon she realizes it’s just the beginning of an everlasting nightmare.


Lexy, an aú pair from London, moves to Seattle to help Lorraine with her infant son. But she didn’t come for the child…she came for something else.


When Ella receives a call from her sister, Lorraine, who begs her to leave San Diego to spend time with her, she decides to take a few days off from work to visit her. Frightened to see how much Lorraine has weakened since her diagnosis eight months ago, she packs a bag and heads to Seattle with a foreboding feeling that this might be the last time she sees Lorraine.  [Want to read more? Click the pic!]

* * * * *

(I received the print copy of Give It Back from Ms. Esplin (thanks, Danielle!), but couldn’t wait to read it…so I purchased the Kindle version before the postman ever had a chance to deliver it!)

In this review, I will proclaim with all honest awe that, if Ms. Esplin-K’s writing can hold my rapt attention, all the way to the breathtaking end, and for a genré that I don’t normally read no less, then that is proof positive that she has, indeed, produced a most excellent work! Readers more used to describing such a story (and far more succinctly than I) have reviewed Give It Back in much more detail than this post can hope to offer, and I highly recommend checking those out.

After reading Give It Back, I was immediately reminded of an old saying by Sir Walter Scott, “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”, for this is the underlying current throughout this edge-of-your-seat story.

This book has so many elements: illicit affairs, the cuckolded spouse, the spectre of death from cancer (and the personal regrets that can accompany that horrific end), the mysterious disappearance of child and aú pair, and of course, the prospect of murder. These are all told from the perspectives of the three women: cancer ridden Lorraine-mother of 8 month old Sam and 16 yr old Logan; Ella, Lorraine’s younger sister (and only other family member since they were orphaned as very young children) and Lexy, Lorraine’s aú pair from London.

The lives of the characters become so tangled up in deceit that the reader is on a constant emotional roller coaster, all the more evident when it appears that no one except her sister, Ella, seems to even care that poor Lorraine cannot even find peace at the end of her life.

Give It Back was so fast paced for me (I jump right in and live a story, you see), that by the time I read the last page, I was out of breath. With the well developed characters, ability to draw the reader into each dramatic situation and proficiency of writing, it’s difficult to believe that this is Ms. Esplin-K’s first foray into the world of book publishing!

It had a great ending, with closures (some very sad ones), many “AH HA!” moments and the satisfaction that guilty parties got away with nothing.

Right until the…





* * * * *

  • Give It Back has an average 4.5-Star rating on Amazon. Read more detailed marvelous reviews by clicking on the book cover. And don’t forget to visit (and follow!) Danielle on her websites and social media (listed on her author page on Amazon)!

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