If I made up a hashtag about two of my favourite occupations – writing sometimes…reading sometimes – it would be:


But that’s a bit long, so instead I’ll just add this page to my blog with the obligatory tag line: “Sometimes I write, sometimes I read. Today I read!”

Because I have a gazillion Kindle books and a bazillion print books…and because everybody else is doing it…I thought it might be nice to add a bookshelf, or library, as it were, to the Old Fossil Writes. I have five bookcases full of books that I’ve read, plus another 6 or 7 box-loads still in storage – most of which I have also read. Of the 220 ebooks I have in my Kindle library (yes, I added yet another one this weekend!), I’ve read about 20 of those.

My biggest problem is posting reviews. Not that I don’t want to do them; it’s just that I’m as verbose with telling about them as I am actually writing a book – I just can’t summarize. I’m like a little kid who tries to tell you about a book or a movie, and they wind up telling the whole story!

Well, I have done reviews on the Amazons and Goodreads, but because I try to make them short (note the word: “try“), I never really get to say everything I want to say. Well, here I can not only write a plain old review, but because this is my blog and can do what I want, I can also go into as much or as little detail about what I think…as I want!

So, without further ado, I shall add my first review, and then continue on ’til I’ve reviewed all the books I own. That should be good for the next 15- 4o years. As for this year:

Sometimes I write. Sometimes I read. Today, I read!